I got statistic test 2 result last week and it wasn't a nice news to me. 60/110 surely not a good grade but i'm lucky i did well for the first test. but yeah, i didn't expect much for the test since i made last minute study.

 Two more tests coming next week. Management and Calculus. Pray me good, pray me well. Amen.

and later there will be bout 4 days of break I think. Thanks Thanksgiving.
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Dear Fall

Fall semester seems to be good to me, i mean it suppose to be. with a very relax schedule, i could have lots of free time. but then, those times were filled with sleeps and other not-fun things, that everyday i asked house mates, buat apa hari ni?

i got a very sleepy start for this sem, that i arrived here about 2 days before the class started. and because of jet lag, i am fresh at night. at first it do me good that i wake up early for sahur. later then, when the jet lag period is over, i'm overslept, until now. almost every night, i slept early and woke up late. the evening, i go to sleep again.

the classes for this semester seems to be fair. four classes i'm taking now, two of em are easy-to-score classes *friends who took it before said that*, that is management and english. the other two are need-study-to-score classes, calculus 3 and stat 350.

after 2 semester i've been here, i found student life here at Purdue is very different, obviously. but that ain't my interest to talk on. what i feel so different compare when i was in Sains Seremban and Intec, i feel more stupid here. HAHAHAHA. idk. i told a friend of mine, and he just haha. same goes to me. and i'm very lazy here. now, exactly now, im suppose to write an essay for english class, but it's not my fault, it's lazy. haha

dah la malas, patu laptop pulak slow. i felt like buying a new one, because this 10 inch net-book is sometimes too slow. and small, very small. i called my mum before this, using this laptop via skype. and it was hard for me to hear her voice, same to her. when finished talking, skype rate the call and it gave only 2 stars, with a statement, "your computer is running slow".

btw Eid Mubarak coming, go feel excited about it!!! but Ramadhan still here, so make full benefit of it, Amen.

Firdaus Aziz.

p/s: listen these, for puasa and raya. Selamat hari raya!! =)
and sayyyy if you are bored, hit this http://www.secret-loves.com/index.php?test=1818766 for fun

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Haris Singing

p/s: break bout to over haih

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it goes well

well well this the best summer ever
since this the first i had haha

as i arrived, got family at the airport waiting for me, and then still waiting for me waiting for luggage. i was in the same flight wit nik and aman. we missed one flight but the problem solved because we bought the ticket from an agent. thank thomas. the luggage delivery not very good that moment that many need to go home first and come back later to pick up theirs. and my mum got me cut my hair on same day, didnt thot it wud be that serious.

then go pay some relatives visit. first went to kak long's house, mok nab's and kemaman. bla bla bla, and im home. ooo its fucking great. everyone's best place right?
first and second week at home was great, as many friends still on break. but later it sucks. i went to D'sara to meet some friends, only one week. thats just awesome. and go home again. luckily still some here.

at home, the day is boring. night bit better. i logged on fb everytime, and there was a time i saw some Purdue friends went to NYC. its good to have summer there, i think. even great to celebrate new year there. they even went for a paintball fight. wuuuuu... i think i saw them went to picnic too. i remember they had a birthday party for Dinah. Happy belated b'day. i always see status in fb, saying they gonna play volleyball. kak shida's if im not mistaken.
i even made up formspring acc. up till now there are only 10 questions. haha.

here in Malaysia, still great. im good with the temperature here. only first n second day quite uncomfort. and the foods, good2.

and now, its near to end of July. break about to over. and tomo is 26th, its a payday! yeah! but no yeah. where to spend it in T'ganu. but i think i need to pay PRF for the rent. and zul always the one that will be in touchd for this.. thnx anyway. i borrowed some money from amal, oo thnx, to pay this month's rent, and its zul haha.

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Job Job Job

many times we see, status in FB
and if that status seems related to you.,
u'll gonna need to stress some work for your gpa

many times your primary teacher asked
"what's your ambition dear?"
ARCHITECT!!! that was wht i said to her
tho now the path is very different

many times ppl think, what they gonna be in future
many times you think, what u will do for living
and for me
many times i think, what can i do to work less, still get much money HAHA

some ppl get so lucky, born in soooo rich family and yeah.. they got a soooo promising future

some ppl not so lucky, but still lucky Alhamdulillah, went to Purdue Uni, need to study for exams and after 4 years, graduated, need to find job to emselves.

some ppl, lucky, not veerrrryy lucky as the rich ppl, but very lucky haih.
they got cool job, not stressful job, and have fun doing it

and here are their list, SHIT!

1)paradise island caretaker

2)luxury bed tester

3)resort waterslide tester

4)professional prostitute tester

5)wine tester

6)candy tester

7)condom tester

8)world of warcraft tester

9)director af fun at a museum (age 6)

10)bike rider-photographer for google maps
p/s: tp lucky kat dunia ah bnyk
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many times we heard, that our beloved Prophet Muhammad rank the first in most influential persons in globe history. it was the book "The 100: A Ranking of the Most Influential Persons in History" that made many us feel "wow" and just end up "wow" and "wow" without even knowing why it was written that way. Michael H. Hart wrote this book, that made many loyal Jesus followers ask, " why not Jesus?". He himself is a Christian, but still he didn't put Jesus on rank one. and that even make the question more and more being asked.

Hart said Muhammad was the only man in history who was supremely successful on both the religious and secular levels... Muhammad played a far more important role in the development of Islam than Jesus did in the development of Christianity. Jesus was responsible for the main ethical and moral precepts of Christianity and St. Paul was the main developer of Christian theology.

Those are some of the reasons.

but i still found more of it, though it's not from Hart.

  • Christianity (1.9+ billion people). 600 year head start on Islam

  • Islam (1.5+ billion people). Catching up at a rate of 10:1. Many of the converts are Atheists or Christians (including many Church leaders and ministers). By 2025 Muslims will out number Christians.

  • In America pre 9/11 40000+ people convert to Islam per year, post 9/11, people have became curious about what makes Muslims tick. They are now discovering that what Muslims like these do are completely in the opposite direction to the teachings of Muhammad and Islam, hence why the number of converts has increased to 78000+ a year.

  • Jesus' message was 2.4 years, Muhammad's 23 years

  • Jesus' had 120 followers at the end of his time on earth Muhammad had millions

  • Muhammad confirmed Jesus and believed in him, as Jesus said to his disciples whilst in the Garden of Gethsemane that someone would come to confirm him

  • Jesus said he came to the tribe of Israel only, Muhammad said he came to all mankind.

  • The different denominations of Christianity don't agree with each other about Mary, Jesus, the trinity, the many versions and revisions of the Bible etc, whereas the different denominations of Islam agree that Muhammad is the final Prophet, Jesus is a Prophet and performed miracles, God is One and Only, and the exact Quran as at the time of Muhammad is still used today by all the denominations, and the originals are still available.

  • 10's of millions of Muslims have memorised the entire Quran all over the world, whereas no Christian has memorised the bible and if they did they would have to memorise their own version and would have to update their memorisations every time a new revision was released.

  • The bible that we know today was written by Matthew, Mark, Luke, John (who are they? Real name? Last name?) and Paul (Saul of Tarsus: A Christian Killer) who preached to the Gentiles which Jesus said not to do. None where direct disciples of Jesus.

  • What is known as Apocrypha today is the Gospels that the Roman (Origin Pagans: worshiped many gods, human gods etc) Catholic Church wanted to destroy because it denies the trinity and the divinity of Jesus and reveals the coming of another (Muhammad). "Eg. The Gospel of Barnabas was accepted as a Canonical Gospel in the Churches of Alexandria till 325 C.E. In 325 C.E., the Nicene Council was held, where it was ordered that all original Gospels in Hebrew script should be destroyed. An Edict was issued that any one in possession of these Gospels will be put to death" (http://www.barnabas.net/)

  • Jesus did not found Christianity and the Church (Paul did). Muhammad founded Islam.

  • Muhammad taught a way of life from birth to death. Things as simple as one should sit down when they put their shoes on etc (This has been medically proven that putting your shoes on whilst standing and hunching causes lower back pain). He taught every day life issues etc.

  • The Quran contains many scientific information that has been confirmed by science only in the last century. Would Muhammad have known all this stuff or is he a lucky guesser?

  • The world as we know it today was influenced by Islam, scientifically, mathematically, medically, agriculturally as well as through art etc. Islam promoted education for both men and women whereas the Church forbade it and called it blasphemy and the penalty was death to anyone who would go against the Church (http://www.pbs.org/empires/islam/ a documentary by non-Muslim American historians and lecturers in religion)

  • Islam is in no way derived from Zoroastrianism but follows on from Judaism as Christianity did.

p/s: yes, i copied and pasted it hehe =D
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Spring Fest 2010

it was great, tho i didnt go to all booth on that day. but rugilah. they got international food festival, football and many booth that i dunno what category are them. that day, many ate bugs, sounds yucks tapi again ruginya coz i didnt tried it. bet it gonna taste like vomiting em back, but still wanna try it. some even milk cows haih tak buat jugak.

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miss ; sign of love

bila la nak dapat lg.. haih..

1. roti canai
2. ikan keli
3. kepok lekor
4. jog at bukit besar and around
5. school
6. driving
7. aer nyor!
8. hangout with friends
9. vitagen
10. satey yg murah yg jual kt ats motor uh yg kuah merah uh
11. goreng pisang ,pisang goreng
12. cendol doll!!
13. nasi kuah campor2 kt kedai mamak
14. family of course !!

p/s: sedap sedap
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nice evening

then Jimmy threw the ball to Steve
he tried to catch it
but he missed
the ball passed through his two fingers
and it kept rolled till it stop at one corner

the same time
Amanda was walking
she walked somehow slow
but her dog was running
and Amanda walked faster
cos she was pulled by her dog

and the dog stop
bite the ball and run towards Ahmad
since the dog thought the ball was Ahmad's
and he, as much as he could
tried to avoid the dog

Amanda jerked the leash
the dog was pulled so hard
the dog stop and came back to her
with the ball left at where it stopped

Hamid was laughing at Ahmad
he got pissed
and picked up the oval ball
threw straight fast at Hamid
and ouch, wuuuu....
it was Ahmad turn to laugh at Hamid then

Steve smiled to Amanda
and went took the ball
Amanda start to run, again
after her sweat gone dried

Ahmad looked at the tree shadow
it was a way longer from it's tall
the shadow looks skinny
there was only the trunk and branches
now the shadow was longer than before
then Ahmad went home with Hamid
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sleep sleep good sleep

many times u slide ur screen to unlock your ipod, and hit the orange colored icon with music note symbol and start searching for good songs to listen to. some songs are too rough, some so peace that it can wave our imagination to the deep meaning of the lyrics. feel so high huh!

with your tired body laid on your "dan dan" solid soft mattress, with your room temperature that is somehow cool but u got your soft thick comforter to cover you and until one point u feel like " ni dah sedap ni"sampai nak gerak nak tutop lampu pon dah malas.... whooooaaaa!! u're life so boring if u never felt like that! hahaha

for me that is sooooo 98% perfect. hehe. u put earphones both left right ears and listen to slow-mo songs that slowly close ur tired heavy eyes and hell yeah!!!! that's is the other 2% percent.

and i got some here. so here are the songs
1) The Hardest Part by Coldplay
2)Make You Feel My Love by Adele
3)Bella Luna by Jason Mraz
4)The Perfect Fan by BSB
5)Finally by Fergie
6)Kasih Tak Sampai by Padi
7)Baby I'm Yours by Arctic Monkeys
8)Knock Knock by Lenka
9)Ku Mahu Kau Tahu by Hujan
10)My All by Mariah Carey
11)It's Not Over by Secondhand Serenade

p/s: kudos kudos kudos to the songs.. aman, i would bet not sleeping on my bed 1 week if number 10 wouldn't help u sleep well!!

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i went to the garden
i went to many gardens
and saw many roses
so beautiful i got so many pauses

there were many colors
red pink violet white
they look nice day and night
thus the word beautiful is so right

black roses were also there
many of em, they aren't rare
full with thorns that always dare
to pin others to pin the others

then the wind blew smoothly
and the roses kept dancing gracefully
some were waving slowly
their leaves waved up and down
like a daughter wave her father from distance
hoping the father to pick her up
and put her in a tight hug

and i did
some of em i pick
few i hug , and keep
so i'll not be kicked
by those that i didn't keep

yeah that's how it went in the garden
that's how it goes in many gardens
we all knew that
cos we all went to many gardens

firdaus aziz

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this spring







MA 37300-001
41327 Class
9:30 am-10:20 am


MA 16200-017
35286 Class
10:30 am-11:20 am
EE 222

MA 16200-017
35286 Class
10:30 am-11:20 am
EE 222



SCI 13000-001
27011 Class
12:00 pm-1:15 pm
EE 170

SCI 13000-003
27013 Class
12:00 pm-1:15 pm


MA 37300-001
41327 Class
1:30 pm-2:45 pm
WTHR 172

MA 37300-001
41327 Class
1:30 pm-2:45 pm
WTHR 172



MA 16200-013
21911 Class
3:30 pm-4:20 pm
EE 129

MA 16200-013
21911 Class
3:30 pm-4:20 pm
EE 129

MA 16200-013
21911 Class
3:30 pm-4:20 pm
EE 129


ECON 25200-001
17628 Class
4:30 pm-5:45 pm
EE 129

ECON 25200-001
17628 Class
4:30 pm-5:45 pm
EE 129


i guess Monday, Wednesday and Friday are my fav days for this semester. previous semester i hate Wednesday the most but this semester is Thursday.

i like financial math, but not all the time. hehe.problems in fm involve money all the time, i bet that made me like the course, compared to calculus, always calculate the vector, scalar, coordinates, points, trigono, sketch the graphs... adeih! i mean, for fm, bila kira duit ni best la haha. but when it comes to calculus, i felt like there's no need to count all those things in daily life. we dont calculate the coordinate of our house to the campus rite! we dont do that. but we always calculate our money, and even waiting without patient at the end of the month for the Mara to deposit some money to our account. we did, and always do that..

the team building (SCI) is quite fun, since no homeworks needed to be done, just come to the class and play Lego! haha .calculus is not fun this semester, maybe because of the recitation session. same goes to macroeconomics, haish lecture crazy bored! so i guess i got enough reasons if i dont do well this semester huh! jk.. =D

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