hari hari di sini

hari tu. hari tu yang lama. adoi
aku demam tu je
tapi tak kesah la. but then org len pon bejangkit
kesian nik, mael!
patot korang jangkit b4 raya bole aku minx maaf

then esok hari sial!
every Wednesday every week!
shit la hari pening!
hari bz pack cam budak skolah kena g skolah naik basikal jaoh2 ttbe rantai beskal putus singgah workshop tapi kene rompak wallet then tinggal 2 ringgit je sampai ta jadi g skolah hari tu balik rumah kena pulak marah dgn mak sbb ponteng padahal bukan salah seniri naseb teruk ta leh blahnya bapak lak pukul ngn rotan laju2 cam treller panjang 18 tayar bawak laju2 tada lesen tada sticker P then langgar traffic lite merah kat BB!
camtu ah rasanya!
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Malaysian Night

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say yes to no

it was so hard for me,the life at saser Intec and seems to be the same at Purdue
and it's always like that, espcially at start point
i see it, as watching my friends and i, competing, running on a 100m red track with few white lines along it.
and as usual i always being left behind right after the gun trigger been pulled backward
that moment, there was only my line that got many hurdles, thus i always need to jump as i got near them.
jumping many many many times of course made me exhausted and worst thing was it made me felt like giving up.
but lucky me much, the crowd i heard loud, even not so many of them, even it's not very clear
they triggerd my 6th sense to more positive feeling
and hell yes i felt much more comfort, feeling everything was gonna be allright
then, the hurdles fell by itself as i got near them and no need me to jump more
that's why i can smile why running on the track
at the same time, i relized that i've left some of my friends at back
then smiling i stop. so does my running. then i waited for them
as they got near me i said," listen to the crowd.
and we walked together, we didnt run
while walking, they listend and got the message
"yes you can do it!"
but they refused the words.
thats why i whispered at their ears,
thats why i whispered to their hearts,
" say yes to no!"
still, their blur faces signald me their refusal
their eyes stared deep in mine, doubting my words, feeling no right bout the words
then i looked in front, to end that unwanted eye contact, heading it to wanted one.
and we realized we're on the end line
i was like, " how could this....?"
they cut my ques by whispering "say yes to no!"
yup, we all believe the words. =D

i wrote this once on fb note
not wrote, but typed to be more precise
cos i think it will be like that
and yeah it's true
and it's true until now

memula sampai
laptop dah kena curik!
baru beli, even tak sampai 24 hours lg
rumah kena pecah masok, beliau pon amik dgn gagahnya
sedeh =(
alololololololololo, FUCK nya!
then the exam grades
econs, rase boleh, but mmg not satisfied with the grade.
but still can be accepted lah, jus felt like it cant be accepted cos i studied for it
but physics! adoi adoi adoi adoi adoi adoi adoi adoi adoi
luckily i got cal and arabic.
boleh la cover for pointer. alhamdulillah..
luckily, i still believe the 4 words
" say yes to no "

p/s: smile lah! =D
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tadi exam. im not satisfied with it. but ok lah. easier than expected. dah cuak dah memula. dah la dtg lmbat. lari lari lari lari sampai tecungap cungap. cam lipas benyawa ikan(aik?). 4 soklan ta dpt jwb, copy jwpan org len. haha. somehow, i got a bad feeling towards it. ntah la weh.

but hopefully, coming exams i can do it, do it well act!
btw, tadi exam cal 1. lupa lak. =D
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lama nya tak mengarot

lama nya tak tulis tulis
malas nk tulis
kene log in cam log in myspace
tapi rasa bnyk nak tulis
panjang panjang aku nak tulis
mcm dr johor smpai perlis
otw tu makan manggis
jumpa pulak Pak Idris
dah pandai cakap Inggeris
ada anak keja kat Jais
bz memanjang sbb bnyk majlis
jam jalan sampai panggil polis
polis skunk dah tak pakai keris
tak leh tembak boleh gores
(aku malas dah nk fikir)

dah ah
ntah pape
skali skala mengarot hehe

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