Spring Fest 2010

it was great, tho i didnt go to all booth on that day. but rugilah. they got international food festival, football and many booth that i dunno what category are them. that day, many ate bugs, sounds yucks tapi again ruginya coz i didnt tried it. bet it gonna taste like vomiting em back, but still wanna try it. some even milk cows haih tak buat jugak.

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miss ; sign of love

bila la nak dapat lg.. haih..

1. roti canai
2. ikan keli
3. kepok lekor
4. jog at bukit besar and around
5. school
6. driving
7. aer nyor!
8. hangout with friends
9. vitagen
10. satey yg murah yg jual kt ats motor uh yg kuah merah uh
11. goreng pisang ,pisang goreng
12. cendol doll!!
13. nasi kuah campor2 kt kedai mamak
14. family of course !!

p/s: sedap sedap
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