the result

haaaaaaa! im glad
the result was ok
i got 3.07 alhamdulillah
even my calculus is B
but still ok lah =D
best part is, the sponsor demand 2.5 min gpa
that's a big whoa from every students
making our life at Purdue 60% of playing 40% of studying
if the ratio is wrong, still the portion for playing is bigger than studying hehe
and yes
special thanks to...
yana for teaching me economics
aku boleh jwab sebab ko lah
nik for helping me done the phy hw, hehe
and to those that gimme both left right hands lending me the help needed
muah for that!!!

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he's David

it's David After Dentist.

this boy on drug huh
thanks Amal for the link
btw, Merry Christmas David!

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it's funny

it's funny that i felt "WAH"
"i got a friendster"!
later "whoa!!!"
i got myspace
and it's funnier when
i'm using facebook now and bored with those two

it's funny when i recall the past
close my eyes slowly
with wide heart open
and the brain start thinking
why do i always follow other's words?
and it's more funnier
when i always do the same now

it's funny when i pull back the clock
from number 12 to 9 to 6 to 3 and 12 again
make lots of rounds of it
and start recalling
about the old days
that i can't accept the nickname "fifi"
given by my beloved mum
but more even funnier
that one day it turn into a fight
but more more even funnier
that i slapped my friend, not punch
a very girly style of fighting

it's funny when i always mad at my lil brother
by not having a solid reason to do so
and always have thick feeling of menyampah
but it's not funny now
as the feeling turn to love
but it's still funny i guess
that dulu i felt menyampah kat orang
and now i felt
"dia ni menyampah kat aku ke?"
"dia ni malas layan ke?"
oh i cant stand of it

it's funny when i was a guy
that very shy to girls
can't even talk to girls nicely
can't even meet face to face properly
until one point somehow i felt shit
that i adored a girl when i was 14
that i always look at her from distance
that i always look for her from distance
then one day the distance really a distance
3 years later when i was 17
i talked to her, at last

it's funny when i felt "ruginya" now
because i can't go to Hujan gigs
stupid part is
i don't really want to go to the gigs before
and now i'm in states
the "ruginya" feeling i felt more

it's funny when i say the words easily
when saying it to friends
3 words
"i love you"
but never say it to my mum
also my father
not that i got family problem
just because i felt awkward, shy by doing it, haha
bodoh kan...

firdaus aziz
yeah it's funny

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oh it's meeting a black dot

soon new dots make a line

later new dots make a long line

gonna be favorite dots of most


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