it goes well

well well this the best summer ever
since this the first i had haha

as i arrived, got family at the airport waiting for me, and then still waiting for me waiting for luggage. i was in the same flight wit nik and aman. we missed one flight but the problem solved because we bought the ticket from an agent. thank thomas. the luggage delivery not very good that moment that many need to go home first and come back later to pick up theirs. and my mum got me cut my hair on same day, didnt thot it wud be that serious.

then go pay some relatives visit. first went to kak long's house, mok nab's and kemaman. bla bla bla, and im home. ooo its fucking great. everyone's best place right?
first and second week at home was great, as many friends still on break. but later it sucks. i went to D'sara to meet some friends, only one week. thats just awesome. and go home again. luckily still some here.

at home, the day is boring. night bit better. i logged on fb everytime, and there was a time i saw some Purdue friends went to NYC. its good to have summer there, i think. even great to celebrate new year there. they even went for a paintball fight. wuuuuu... i think i saw them went to picnic too. i remember they had a birthday party for Dinah. Happy belated b'day. i always see status in fb, saying they gonna play volleyball. kak shida's if im not mistaken.
i even made up formspring acc. up till now there are only 10 questions. haha.

here in Malaysia, still great. im good with the temperature here. only first n second day quite uncomfort. and the foods, good2.

and now, its near to end of July. break about to over. and tomo is 26th, its a payday! yeah! but no yeah. where to spend it in T'ganu. but i think i need to pay PRF for the rent. and zul always the one that will be in touchd for this.. thnx anyway. i borrowed some money from amal, oo thnx, to pay this month's rent, and its zul haha.

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