Dear Fall

Fall semester seems to be good to me, i mean it suppose to be. with a very relax schedule, i could have lots of free time. but then, those times were filled with sleeps and other not-fun things, that everyday i asked house mates, buat apa hari ni?

i got a very sleepy start for this sem, that i arrived here about 2 days before the class started. and because of jet lag, i am fresh at night. at first it do me good that i wake up early for sahur. later then, when the jet lag period is over, i'm overslept, until now. almost every night, i slept early and woke up late. the evening, i go to sleep again.

the classes for this semester seems to be fair. four classes i'm taking now, two of em are easy-to-score classes *friends who took it before said that*, that is management and english. the other two are need-study-to-score classes, calculus 3 and stat 350.

after 2 semester i've been here, i found student life here at Purdue is very different, obviously. but that ain't my interest to talk on. what i feel so different compare when i was in Sains Seremban and Intec, i feel more stupid here. HAHAHAHA. idk. i told a friend of mine, and he just haha. same goes to me. and i'm very lazy here. now, exactly now, im suppose to write an essay for english class, but it's not my fault, it's lazy. haha

dah la malas, patu laptop pulak slow. i felt like buying a new one, because this 10 inch net-book is sometimes too slow. and small, very small. i called my mum before this, using this laptop via skype. and it was hard for me to hear her voice, same to her. when finished talking, skype rate the call and it gave only 2 stars, with a statement, "your computer is running slow".

btw Eid Mubarak coming, go feel excited about it!!! but Ramadhan still here, so make full benefit of it, Amen.

Firdaus Aziz.

p/s: listen these, for puasa and raya. Selamat hari raya!! =)
and sayyyy if you are bored, hit this for fun

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