nice evening

then Jimmy threw the ball to Steve
he tried to catch it
but he missed
the ball passed through his two fingers
and it kept rolled till it stop at one corner

the same time
Amanda was walking
she walked somehow slow
but her dog was running
and Amanda walked faster
cos she was pulled by her dog

and the dog stop
bite the ball and run towards Ahmad
since the dog thought the ball was Ahmad's
and he, as much as he could
tried to avoid the dog

Amanda jerked the leash
the dog was pulled so hard
the dog stop and came back to her
with the ball left at where it stopped

Hamid was laughing at Ahmad
he got pissed
and picked up the oval ball
threw straight fast at Hamid
and ouch, wuuuu....
it was Ahmad turn to laugh at Hamid then

Steve smiled to Amanda
and went took the ball
Amanda start to run, again
after her sweat gone dried

Ahmad looked at the tree shadow
it was a way longer from it's tall
the shadow looks skinny
there was only the trunk and branches
now the shadow was longer than before
then Ahmad went home with Hamid
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sleep sleep good sleep

many times u slide ur screen to unlock your ipod, and hit the orange colored icon with music note symbol and start searching for good songs to listen to. some songs are too rough, some so peace that it can wave our imagination to the deep meaning of the lyrics. feel so high huh!

with your tired body laid on your "dan dan" solid soft mattress, with your room temperature that is somehow cool but u got your soft thick comforter to cover you and until one point u feel like " ni dah sedap ni"sampai nak gerak nak tutop lampu pon dah malas.... whooooaaaa!! u're life so boring if u never felt like that! hahaha

for me that is sooooo 98% perfect. hehe. u put earphones both left right ears and listen to slow-mo songs that slowly close ur tired heavy eyes and hell yeah!!!! that's is the other 2% percent.

and i got some here. so here are the songs
1) The Hardest Part by Coldplay
2)Make You Feel My Love by Adele
3)Bella Luna by Jason Mraz
4)The Perfect Fan by BSB
5)Finally by Fergie
6)Kasih Tak Sampai by Padi
7)Baby I'm Yours by Arctic Monkeys
8)Knock Knock by Lenka
9)Ku Mahu Kau Tahu by Hujan
10)My All by Mariah Carey
11)It's Not Over by Secondhand Serenade

p/s: kudos kudos kudos to the songs.. aman, i would bet not sleeping on my bed 1 week if number 10 wouldn't help u sleep well!!

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