i went to the garden
i went to many gardens
and saw many roses
so beautiful i got so many pauses

there were many colors
red pink violet white
they look nice day and night
thus the word beautiful is so right

black roses were also there
many of em, they aren't rare
full with thorns that always dare
to pin others to pin the others

then the wind blew smoothly
and the roses kept dancing gracefully
some were waving slowly
their leaves waved up and down
like a daughter wave her father from distance
hoping the father to pick her up
and put her in a tight hug

and i did
some of em i pick
few i hug , and keep
so i'll not be kicked
by those that i didn't keep

yeah that's how it went in the garden
that's how it goes in many gardens
we all knew that
cos we all went to many gardens

firdaus aziz

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