the result

haaaaaaa! im glad
the result was ok
i got 3.07 alhamdulillah
even my calculus is B
but still ok lah =D
best part is, the sponsor demand 2.5 min gpa
that's a big whoa from every students
making our life at Purdue 60% of playing 40% of studying
if the ratio is wrong, still the portion for playing is bigger than studying hehe
and yes
special thanks to...
yana for teaching me economics
aku boleh jwab sebab ko lah
nik for helping me done the phy hw, hehe
and to those that gimme both left right hands lending me the help needed
muah for that!!!


qistina said...

aku nik jugok - so, ur welcome! :D


Firdaus Aziz said...

ceh nk jugak
ye lah nik qistina thank u

-cHikA LaLA- said...

CONGRATS daus!!! gudlux in ur new sem!!

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