people smile a lot. sometimes they do not have a very good reason to do so. they just smile. and yeah smiles make our faces look good. sometimes people fall in love with one smile, a big nice sweet smile , stop blinking for moments and keep staring at the smile, feels some sort of happiness even by only look at it with the naked eyes, and bullseye !!!, from the eyes it goes down directly to the heart. then that is where the love starts to grow. it grows bigger and stronger. at the same time, a smile also being curved without his notice..

huh!! hehe.. my school gardener told me that when i was 15.... i was just quoting there, but turn it to English from Malay Terengganu accents. he even told me, "dari mata turun ke hati".wuuuuuuuu!!!! teenagers now would hear it as something creepy.. i don't know why, but people who works like that, i mean simple work like gardener, they seem like they know much when talking about love. watch "if only" and u'll see a cab driver do the same.. bialah diorang hehehe...

i smile too! also, reason tak kuat but smiling i did! and really feel the blue.
i smile when

1. i open my fridge and realize there are lots of foods and drinks
2. when i felt my day is a very productive day, i felt very berguna act. haha
3. wears skinny jeans
4. shopping!
5. something good happened that is over than i expected
6. after i write something that i think nice
7. listening to songs that i love
8. got presents and give presents
9. see my fish swims and tak lemas. haha.
10. when i weight myself and hoorayy! i lost my weight. haha
11. Mara gimme money
12. look at my money album
13. berangan!
14. recalling silly things that i've done before
15. look at old pictures
16. pakai topi then nmpak rambut bertepek cam rambut Nik. haha
17. bila tangkap gambar la kan hehhe

yeah, those things keep me smiling all days. still, ada lg yg lupa nk tulis

p/s: smile lah!


Kartika Azmi said...

senyum la wahai cek mek molek
ha buleh pon comment

Firdaus Aziz said...

=D *smiling
weh thanx gtaw xleh comment

Fatin Inani said...


Fatin Inani said...

eh dh boleh comment! :P

Firdaus Aziz said...

haaa nani thanx sbb prasan taleh comment hari tu
n btw
take care gigi ko!!! hehe

Fatin Inani said...

bkan sbb mengumpat ok!! haha
slamat stat klas

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