it's funny

it's funny that i felt "WAH"
"i got a friendster"!
later "whoa!!!"
i got myspace
and it's funnier when
i'm using facebook now and bored with those two

it's funny when i recall the past
close my eyes slowly
with wide heart open
and the brain start thinking
why do i always follow other's words?
and it's more funnier
when i always do the same now

it's funny when i pull back the clock
from number 12 to 9 to 6 to 3 and 12 again
make lots of rounds of it
and start recalling
about the old days
that i can't accept the nickname "fifi"
given by my beloved mum
but more even funnier
that one day it turn into a fight
but more more even funnier
that i slapped my friend, not punch
a very girly style of fighting

it's funny when i always mad at my lil brother
by not having a solid reason to do so
and always have thick feeling of menyampah
but it's not funny now
as the feeling turn to love
but it's still funny i guess
that dulu i felt menyampah kat orang
and now i felt
"dia ni menyampah kat aku ke?"
"dia ni malas layan ke?"
oh i cant stand of it

it's funny when i was a guy
that very shy to girls
can't even talk to girls nicely
can't even meet face to face properly
until one point somehow i felt shit
that i adored a girl when i was 14
that i always look at her from distance
that i always look for her from distance
then one day the distance really a distance
3 years later when i was 17
i talked to her, at last

it's funny when i felt "ruginya" now
because i can't go to Hujan gigs
stupid part is
i don't really want to go to the gigs before
and now i'm in states
the "ruginya" feeling i felt more

it's funny when i say the words easily
when saying it to friends
3 words
"i love you"
but never say it to my mum
also my father
not that i got family problem
just because i felt awkward, shy by doing it, haha
bodoh kan...

firdaus aziz
yeah it's funny


nina said...

yes! 'i love u' IS AWKWARD! i think it runs in d family lah wei...
eh, mase mu 17 baru mu cakap ngan aku ke? (weeee)
anyway, aku baru delete myspace n friendster, bodoh klaka gile...
oh, FIFI!
i'm glad i'm not somewhere between nini, titi, nana, or anything that sounds like fifi..wakkakaka.
post mu made my day :)

Firdaus Aziz said...

haaaaa bodo!
aku ckp nge mu lame doh mu je prasan haish

wah my post made ur day
bet something bad u were facing
hurmm glad hearing that =D

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