Malaysian Night

the night was.. above awesome! tak menyesal aku join. hehe.
presenting our cultures to others, was something that i believe its a must. people here tak knl sgt Malaysia, but they knew Kuala Lumpur. ok lah tuh..
alang2 dah tau KL, tunjuk la gak culture skali.
that nite, we presented:
  1. traditional wedding
  2. zapin dance
  3. indian dance
  4. chinese dance
  5. dikir barat
  6. fashion show
and i dont know which one that the audience impressed the most, i mean the one that they got most interest.dont know lah. i wasnt in the hall at the moment. but what i know is, the tickets was sold out! ingt 50-60 org jeh! first impression biase lah tuh

btw, the venue was Fowler Hall, Steward Center.
and a big thanks to Pumsa for organizing this. =D


nina said...

wahhh. nice to know. ade gok foreigners yg knal terengganu je but xtau kl n msia. haha. mu perform ape?

Firdaus Aziz said...

mu x knl lg spupu mu rupenya
aku msuk dkir n fashion show

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