Have A Look :))

I just made two short stories
Merdeka Short Story
this is merdeka video that i did. the base idea came from our president, Hayqal Suhairi, after he told me to do something different in videos, then i came up with a story board and script. i made changes to the first storyboard, but the message is stil the same. about some Malaysians yang tak merdeka secara mental. take some time to look at it.

and Raya Short Story
this is a short story that i made with my friend, Arif Zakwan.
this took one day of shooting, about 2 weeks of editing.
have a look!

and if u might be wondering, Rohiza Bt Aziz is my late sister. Alfatihah.

Polkadot Doughnut
Aireen Shafiqa
Muhammad Ammar Zulhaikal

Selamat Hari Raya, Selamat Hari Kemerdekaaan :)


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