and the deal's off

"i can give u 5k, but.."

(wow!!!5k?i juz want boutt 2,3k..)

but u need to proove me dat u r comfirmed to fly first, then i'll give u da advance.

owh ok
(but if im am comfirmed to fly, dat time will only be after i know my result for all the 3 sems for me thre's no use)

i had dat conversation during chnese new year break with my dad..
act im running a direct selling business..
and i used my money for da modal
since my parents were in mecca for hajj when i started it
so far,so gud..hehe.da untong r kot.cuma ta kaye jek.haha

we talked the same thing 2,3 days b4 dat day....

do u need advance?i can give u like i gave to kamal when he did his shaklee..

hurmm,how muc did u giv em?

7k,but only got 2k back.5k gone..

of coz i want da advance..

if u want it,later i want u to give me a list of the money comes in and out so that i know how u'll be using da money.

oh ok.tomorow i give it to u..

as usual, as a proud malay, the day after tomorow i didnt giv da list(CKP JE PANDAI).
later da deal's off....
but not bcoz i didnt give da list
juz bcoz a little misunderstanding
but still i..sedeh koot!!
even my mom said
no more usana when u back to college.

i shut my my dad shut da deal off.and nearly i shut my bsness.but still until now, its still running! smile lah!


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