is this for real?

28th of february, i got a message.. an offer from a friend, x classmate actually.. and sorry no intnsion fer me to mention his name and from which school he was..

daus, aku na wat bisnes la..jom!

yup, dats da msg.. he invited me to be his partner and this is not MLM. this is a real bsness, da one dat we need to use ar own strtgies to gain profits.. we'll sell products, secret..haha ..later, i called him..

aku berkataa....ko na wat apeh?

kn dulu kite pena plan en..teruskan laa.. kite set up ar own company..

serious? kite student lg koott...

lah, abg aku ok je.. but part time lah..

then the company name must be *a*** ent. en...

ye la, kalo sdn bhd dftar mahal.. nnt aku pegi jmpe *tuuuttt*..

oh ok..hurmm. tgk la cane..pape msg akuh


da cnverstion ended there, but my thoughts about da offer didnt stop. its hard for me to reject it, coz hell yeah bsness is my passion... tp carrying da status as a student, make me feel like its very hard to do so, to run da bsness.. so me now waitin' fer da updates.. waitin' to dcide..and waitin' to stop waitin'...sbb aku malas ar koot..adeh2..k laaa...


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