rule and rock (ATUSA election)

who's the rule?

rule the rock?
rock the rule?

its coming huh
but not as hot as the first one i guess

p/s: i'm voting for fauzan, carishma, and hizamy. because i believe they are both rock and rule ni yg dah komfem lah.. vote lah skali yeh!


atie said...

aku ade gak bnde neh!! :)

pidus aziz said...

bende ap weh?

Tia daNna said...

aku..di sini ;P

pidus aziz said...

alah ko lagi
sadin tol la!

Tia daNna said...

pe sadin lak.ko la.haha.

pidus aziz said...

ko tetuka aku ngn sadin ke?
aku punya la obvious laen(rambut) ngn sadin

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