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"Celebrate Friendship Day 2009 on August 2, Sunday
Human beings are social creatures and have always valued the importance of friends in their lives. To celebrate this noble feeling it was deemed fit to have a day dedicated to friends and friendship. Accordingly, first Sunday of August was declared as a holiday in US in honor of friends by a Proclamation made by US Congress in 1935. Since then, World Friendship Day is being celebrated every year on the first Sunday in the month of August."- retrieved from

our bond
our bond strong as steel
and secure is what we feel
no matter what we eat even eel
although we will say "eeei"
but our hearts wide like field
thus so many spaces to fill
then much hearts we steal
demon says just kill
but the bond keeps with will
not keep like keep bills
just keep and stand still
but keep deep and go chill
everywhere we go up to hill
until we broke both our heels
then we got old and ill
sometimes doctor said we cant be healed
even with him we make deal
he said we cant be healed
even everyday we have good meals
he said we cant be healed
even every morning we take pills
he continue saying we cant be healed
but dear friends ignore the ill
don't do nothing and just stand still
together,be happy and eat jack n jill
because our bond strong as steel

like it or not, we never say thank you to our friends for being beside us.
so friends, thank you

Happy Friendship Day!

Firdaus Aziz,
a good friend of yours


-tuanbri- said...

Selamat Hari Kawan?
atau Sahabat?

apa beza kawan dan sahabat?

hehehe...all the best!
remember you only live once.

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