biasa la tu

last Sunday i found myself, shaking as the wind blew that it has opened my very eyes and waken me up from tales. unfortunately that tale somehow seems much more interesting from reality on that day. fortunately, somehow the day i believe was a great day, indicating me and friends that the line is meeting a black round dark point.

last weekend was not so good weekend- still love it. kena berator, missed tickets for Lady Gaga, ada exams,. Friday Saturday Sunday we were on line to get a much cheaper apartment for next year. seniors says "biasa la tu". i believe that words that actually made me feel like "no hal lah" and " best weh". and yes to be honest, i like the experience, although we need to sleep in the small tent and share it with about 4 people, a good number to fit an apartment, not that blue small tent. but somehow, again, although it is not comfortable, i like sleeping in the tent and i guess this is the first time i felt like that. tak suka wei tido dalam khemah susah nak kencing! haha. thank you to babad for supplying us the tents.

one of the best part was, punya lah banyak makanan time 3 hari tuh. haha. satu satu orang datang bawak and satu satu kitaorang makan. layan nafsu ni sedap. kan kan kan? maryam nana wat nasi goreng, husaini pon nasi goreng gak, nasi goreng ikan bilis. then we got nasi ayam. hakem made breakfast. nik buat pancake. aku buat air, tapi nik tak suka selamat irshad suka. hahaha.aku pon bawak "renang" gak. safwan kasi KFC. weh thank you weh!

and also thanks to those yg supply comforter. sori basah nnt we'll figure out cemana.

the number will no longer 9, it's 33! =D


:: Say.Me :: said...

haha... klaka aku bace nik tak suke air ko... haha.. aku ske wehh... sdap air tuu... huhu

weh aku tak tau laa comforter sape kat umah aku... n comforter aku tak de laa plak kan... huhu... nnt jmpe comforter aku pulangkan ekk.. huhu

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