many times we heard, that our beloved Prophet Muhammad rank the first in most influential persons in globe history. it was the book "The 100: A Ranking of the Most Influential Persons in History" that made many us feel "wow" and just end up "wow" and "wow" without even knowing why it was written that way. Michael H. Hart wrote this book, that made many loyal Jesus followers ask, " why not Jesus?". He himself is a Christian, but still he didn't put Jesus on rank one. and that even make the question more and more being asked.

Hart said Muhammad was the only man in history who was supremely successful on both the religious and secular levels... Muhammad played a far more important role in the development of Islam than Jesus did in the development of Christianity. Jesus was responsible for the main ethical and moral precepts of Christianity and St. Paul was the main developer of Christian theology.

Those are some of the reasons.

but i still found more of it, though it's not from Hart.

  • Christianity (1.9+ billion people). 600 year head start on Islam

  • Islam (1.5+ billion people). Catching up at a rate of 10:1. Many of the converts are Atheists or Christians (including many Church leaders and ministers). By 2025 Muslims will out number Christians.

  • In America pre 9/11 40000+ people convert to Islam per year, post 9/11, people have became curious about what makes Muslims tick. They are now discovering that what Muslims like these do are completely in the opposite direction to the teachings of Muhammad and Islam, hence why the number of converts has increased to 78000+ a year.

  • Jesus' message was 2.4 years, Muhammad's 23 years

  • Jesus' had 120 followers at the end of his time on earth Muhammad had millions

  • Muhammad confirmed Jesus and believed in him, as Jesus said to his disciples whilst in the Garden of Gethsemane that someone would come to confirm him

  • Jesus said he came to the tribe of Israel only, Muhammad said he came to all mankind.

  • The different denominations of Christianity don't agree with each other about Mary, Jesus, the trinity, the many versions and revisions of the Bible etc, whereas the different denominations of Islam agree that Muhammad is the final Prophet, Jesus is a Prophet and performed miracles, God is One and Only, and the exact Quran as at the time of Muhammad is still used today by all the denominations, and the originals are still available.

  • 10's of millions of Muslims have memorised the entire Quran all over the world, whereas no Christian has memorised the bible and if they did they would have to memorise their own version and would have to update their memorisations every time a new revision was released.

  • The bible that we know today was written by Matthew, Mark, Luke, John (who are they? Real name? Last name?) and Paul (Saul of Tarsus: A Christian Killer) who preached to the Gentiles which Jesus said not to do. None where direct disciples of Jesus.

  • What is known as Apocrypha today is the Gospels that the Roman (Origin Pagans: worshiped many gods, human gods etc) Catholic Church wanted to destroy because it denies the trinity and the divinity of Jesus and reveals the coming of another (Muhammad). "Eg. The Gospel of Barnabas was accepted as a Canonical Gospel in the Churches of Alexandria till 325 C.E. In 325 C.E., the Nicene Council was held, where it was ordered that all original Gospels in Hebrew script should be destroyed. An Edict was issued that any one in possession of these Gospels will be put to death" (

  • Jesus did not found Christianity and the Church (Paul did). Muhammad founded Islam.

  • Muhammad taught a way of life from birth to death. Things as simple as one should sit down when they put their shoes on etc (This has been medically proven that putting your shoes on whilst standing and hunching causes lower back pain). He taught every day life issues etc.

  • The Quran contains many scientific information that has been confirmed by science only in the last century. Would Muhammad have known all this stuff or is he a lucky guesser?

  • The world as we know it today was influenced by Islam, scientifically, mathematically, medically, agriculturally as well as through art etc. Islam promoted education for both men and women whereas the Church forbade it and called it blasphemy and the penalty was death to anyone who would go against the Church ( a documentary by non-Muslim American historians and lecturers in religion)

  • Islam is in no way derived from Zoroastrianism but follows on from Judaism as Christianity did.

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