Job Job Job

many times we see, status in FB
and if that status seems related to you.,
u'll gonna need to stress some work for your gpa

many times your primary teacher asked
"what's your ambition dear?"
ARCHITECT!!! that was wht i said to her
tho now the path is very different

many times ppl think, what they gonna be in future
many times you think, what u will do for living
and for me
many times i think, what can i do to work less, still get much money HAHA

some ppl get so lucky, born in soooo rich family and yeah.. they got a soooo promising future

some ppl not so lucky, but still lucky Alhamdulillah, went to Purdue Uni, need to study for exams and after 4 years, graduated, need to find job to emselves.

some ppl, lucky, not veerrrryy lucky as the rich ppl, but very lucky haih.
they got cool job, not stressful job, and have fun doing it

and here are their list, SHIT!

1)paradise island caretaker

2)luxury bed tester

3)resort waterslide tester

4)professional prostitute tester

5)wine tester

6)candy tester

7)condom tester

8)world of warcraft tester

9)director af fun at a museum (age 6)

10)bike rider-photographer for google maps
p/s: tp lucky kat dunia ah bnyk


Saini said...

professional prost. tester mcm menarik.. haha

Abby<333 said...

byk tester ni..bahan exp..

zuhana zulkifli said...

hahah cikgu tak patut tanya apa cita2 masa kita skolah sbab bila besar sah2 jadi lain ahhaha

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