door closed, boston.

aman: tutop r pintu tuh
daus: ko r dow,ko lagi dekat
aman: tapi ko last en, ah suh qilah lah
qilah : apesal aku lak
daus: yela2, aku tutop en
yup, tht happend in our class, and it happend a lot.
pintu rosak en.
and now, it's closed, like it nver be opened again, and smoothly fuck for tht!
damn i missed the time
the time whn we went out lunch togther
the time whn we slept in ctis classes
the time whn "i taught azleen c++"
the time whn everyone says "daus dpt 86?fuck!"haha
the time whn taylor swift came to our class
the time whn ili played violin violently
the time whn we ate salad ball in pawagam
the time whn we were into a real escapade when overnite at the offce
the time whn we holding our hands 2gther,skating on the ice
the time whn yam drove myvi with other girls on th back seat.
the time whn aimi persuadd us to use cntct lens
the time whn asri, shaha n aman were hiphoppers, yaw!
the time whn raihan seems to always be "not tall"
the time whn raihan tried to steal zainal from aishah bad
the time whn coco mengamuk!
the time whn nana n irshad looks happy
the time whn nik n amal sat bside each other every day
the time whn nani blushing like hell in front of kapao
the time whn amirah n chemat being gossip tgther
and the time whn "qilah used to disturbe me n aman"

everyone got its own issue
but as the door closed
and spring over
those issues seems to fade away
luckily there's camera to snap the moments for the issues


aku memandang rendah

sp late nite
nana irshad
drinking pop corn
leen's car
the girls

yeah us!


ryhaann said...

awwww aku nak nangeh dah!

pidus aziz said...

ryhan dont..
crying will not make anyone taller!

coco said...

aww..i miss u too la daus, n evry1 jgk..nice post!

Kartika Azmi said...

belambok awek mu..haha

pidus aziz said...

budus ika weh!
aku adop ah
aku ade mu je dlm mlaysia neh

faux fay said...

nak nanges ak weh..

pidus aziz said...

aku rasa besalah wat korang rasa na nanges

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