recalling good old times

now its always hot
body sweats easily
throat dries fastly
n our mind would say

"go buy ice cream"

n we'll buy it
n it does taste fucking good
it would taste even better
when the taste is somehow meaningful to us
when the taste was the taste that our taste buds used to taste
when the taste remind us to the good past
and when the taste recall us to good old times

and yes..
this is it..
a 20 cent homemade ice cream
that we used to suck,lick,taste when we were in primary school
although it's only 20 cent n has no brand n a pic of a celeb posing to promote it !
still, it is gooooooodd..... !!
owh its good

aman, nik, asri and i
went to nik's formal school
nik got cert to take
n we were lucky to see the students ate those ice!
cos it made us felt more even lucky to have them again..
we love it !!

smiling feeling it !!

and that was the third one from him !!

p/s: have the chance to have it! cos u'll lav havin' it !!


Kartika Azmi said...

haa betol3! dulu2 mu mmg suke beli eskerem x pnh nk blanje aku. eskrem poli !

pidus aziz said...

serius shit i frgot
dat i used to call em ice cream poli

anwar azhari said...




anwar azhari said...

ko mmbuatkn ak mengidam ice cream poli dikala ak kehangatan di padang pasir yg tandus..

pidus aziz said...

menyesal ar tu baja kt mesir

;atie<33 said...

sedap weyhh. aku mengidam
drop by la kt chat box aku. bwt la chat box ngonggggg
sng sket

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