ADFP nite

r u coming for the nite?
ramai keh dtg?....but, are u coming o not?

mahal la, n denga2 ta ramai dtg

duit skoler lak ta msok2, adoi2

"ramai keh dtg?"

the always question being askd, n being answerd
look at the dialog, betul ke jwapan uh?
or do have any other good answrs?

here, i got a list of answers for that ques only.

1. dgr mcm tak ramai
2. ramai tada duit

3. cam boring je

4. betul la, ramai dtg

5. ntah la, tp aku pegi je

6. lah ko ni, pegi je la

7. baik buat menda laen dgn rm55 uh

8. rm55 doe, boleh suppot makan 5 hari toh

9. ramai nak dtg *smiling

10. the number is increasing

those are some of the answers,
n when dear friends ask me that, num 6 would always be my answer
but num 9 would be the great answer
the answer is “ramai nk dtg” and hell yeah, its true !!
ramai nak dtg

but they have few reasons not to come
unfortunately, for me, those reasons arent very solid

the reasons

1. aku tada duit lah ~ ask urself again, betol ke tada duit? Or u dun want to sacrifice dat amount of money? Feeling lots of entertainment stuff can be done wif dat money.

2. Boring lah nnt ~ American Theme Fashion Show, ADFP student music video competition, Lucky Draw, Best Dress Awards.... jus look at the msic video competition, kalo korang boleh gelak2 time ko-pln pasal video lov story tuh, i believe the same thing will happen on adfp nite

3. No dress ~ jus wear what u used to wear on Monday, tak ya la na beli dress baru. N make sure u smile dat nite, cos smile is the best dress eva.

4. Tade transpot~ sometimes taking cab would be a fun experince, hehe

For me, its ok not to come, but make sure the reason is solid enuf. Kalo betol tade duit, takan sampai nak hutang2.. jus don push urself. Not coming to the nite doesnt mean u r not an adfp student aite
But budak mara dtg lah, skoler baru je masok kn, n korang akn fly dis year lak tu

Adfp nite is actually a nite we recap everything, espcially sweet memories. Some of us went to pd, sungai gabai, sg shiling, genting highlands, celebrate bitrhday together, watch movies, ice skating, bukit cerakah, overnite etc. W’pon some of us da bayar, but i think masih sempat kalo korang baru decide na pegi. Im not the commitee btw.

And adfp nite suppose to be a nite whre we snap pictures together, eat till full together, laugh like hell together, smiles together, and yes, together,, we come to the nite.

2 sem da pon abes, 1 more dah nak abes, i strongly believe, adfp nite will be a good n happy closing for all the 3 sems

if u r smiling or have any good feeling while reading this note, that is because ur heart saying," yes, i shud go". sometimes, its good to folow our heart words.

wahai rakan-rakan sekalian, in the name of friend, jom!

well then, im firdaus aziz
a person who attend

sekian, assalamualaikum

thank you for reading

hoping to see the same smiles on the night

adfp students, consist of malay chinese indians, that will meet on adfp nite
an event called holloween nite, by atusa
this is how it shud be, and it will be because of u all


faux fay said...

nant amik gmbr sma weh.. :D

pidus aziz said...

da dah settle ;D

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